Well, everyone wants to know about the person behind the website.  It helps with credibility right?  So here’s my summary:

  • New to Seattle, been here for 6 months and I don’t get out much. (Hope to change that…)
  • I’ve lived in several places since I’m a corporate employee trying to make executive before I’m 100. (Tougher as a black girl, I promise)
  • I’m in my mid thirties.  Single.  No kids.  (see bullet 2 for why)
  • I have papers.  Three degrees, to be specific.  I’m sure it will be weaved into my blog, so if you’re that curious, give me some clicks and check it out.  It’s not like there’s advertising… YET.  Ok fine, no advertising.  Whatever.  As if anyone would advertise on the blackgirlinseattle domain.  You know what, they may.  I’ll edit this if it changes.