While I’d love to be writing a full review of the Seattle International Film Festival screening of the movie Dear White People, I must ironically write the story about being one of the (black) people turned away from the film because it was full.

So, what I can I tell you about the film?

  1. It’s about “being a black face in a white place”.  WA is 3.6% black.
  2. It opens to movie theaters this Fall (October 17)
  3. The movie folks did a Seattle recap of the film and a less seen full Q&A 
  4. The film, by Justin Simien,  has a great social presence.  dearwhitepeoplemovie.com | Facebook

Yeah, I’m still mad I didn’t see it.  I couldn’t help but see RED so I had to wait a few weeks to write a post that wasn’t a scathing response to the SIFF ticket process all together. No, I didn’t buy tickets, I became a sponsor for the festival to the tune of $250 and received tickets as a part of that. Turns out my “tickets” were not “tickets” as they were called. They were “vouchers” which had to be turned in for tickets. There were no tickets left when I called to be sure I could get in, so I rounded up three of my friends and we came to stand in line with vouchers in-hand. Unfortunately for us, space was limited aaaaaaand, my sponsor vouchers were not even valid.  Boo SIFF.  BOO.