I remember Black History Month from the two major East Coast cities I’ve lived in. It was, well, pretty important. There were several events and several people at those events. I thought Seattle would be disappointing in comparison but that is just not true.

Here’s a roundup of what I’ve found is going on around Seattle for Black History Month.

  1. The EMP Museum has a series of cool events happening this month.  Check them out on our calendar or right at their website.  The kickoff event featured The Value of Black Lives, a showcase by local artists.  They also had Talib Kweli and Draze perform.  I’m sure it was awesome!
  2. Brian McKnight is doing a Valentine’s Day show here this year!  Ok, maybe not Black History but it had to be said.
  3. HERE is an organization for minorities in creative and technical industries in Seattle, Washington. It was started by three young black men in tech.  Their next meetup is February 19.  Check them out!
  4. The Northwest African American Museum is having their annual Black Weirdo Party on February 20.  Before you judge here’s a little about it:  

Black Weirdo started in 2008 with the creation of the THEESatisfaction website. It was a blog to document different amazing things taking place in Black culture that attracted our eyes. Within the next few years Black Weirdo expanded to include tours, parties and apparel. The message of Black Weirdo is to embrace yourself in your own personal greatness.

I was a little disappointed that the Seattle.gov website had an event from 2014 but I get it.  It’s hard to keep things updated.


I will keep looking for more!  But share what you know about what’s happening!